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To gain practical experience of some of the most important techniques and procedures in electrical,   mechanical, optical and electronic physics. To be able to successfully carry out experimental methods and make a comprehensive written report of the work.



1. To teach students basic physics laboratory techniques, in particular best practices in lab safety.

2. To help student learn to apply fundamental physics concepts in solving problems related to electrical, mechanical etc. in the laboratory.



The school provides an introduction to basic laboratory experiments and techniques in the areas of mechanical, electronic, quantitative analysis, with its well-equipped infrastructure and necessary Lab ware.



Students bring the lab manual, lab notebook, and a scientific calculator to lab for each meeting. Students study the lab procedure for that week in advance and write a “pre-lab” as detailed by the teacher. Preparedness for lab is evaluated via a quiz administered at the beginning of each meeting. Following the quiz, the instructor discusses the physical concepts behind the lab session. The students then execute the lab procedure, working in pairs. Observations and data is recorded in the notebook. Complete lab entries are written based on the data collected. A complete lab notebook entry also includes pre-lab and post-lab questions from the textbook for that experiment.




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