Sakariya, Block- Khadgawan, Dist- Koriya

“A school with a difference. A school where we aim to create an environment where quality and innovation are the norm of the day, rather than exceptions.”

Principal’s Message

" Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another gift from our creator, another golden opportunity to complete the job. Let your first step set the theme of success and positive action as you were not born to fail."

On behalf of the Senior Management and dedicated faculty at DAV Mukhyamantri Public School, Sakariya, may I take this opportunity to welcome you to the journey you are about to undertake as you navigate through the website.

While you will no doubt be searching for achievements and accomplishments that set DAV Mukhyamantri Public School, Sakariya apart and above other schools, I urge you to study the happy faces of the children. The health and vitality that shines through their eyes, the feeling of family and belongingness written large in their faces, the sense that the inherent talent present in each child is lovingly nurtured and encouraged to blossom and shine, is what I trust will convince you that you have found the right school for your child. Here at DAV Mukhyamantri Public School, Sakariya, we are committed to providing the young learners entrusted to our care with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to excel not only in this school, but in their pursuit of higher education in institutions of international repute.

We believe that each child is special and unique. While we appreciate and build upon their strengths, we are patient with their weaknesses, teaching them skills to help overcome and deal with them, while encouraging one another to grow. To help the child discover and see for himself the potential for greatness he has within, for, each child is a work in progress. Here, we lead not by words, but by our actions, which set the foundation for building an environment of trust and respect. A warm smile, an upbeat attitude and a kind heart is what differentiates the faculty, who are very special, compassionate, loving leaders in their own rights, committed and dedicated to their calling.

As an educator, it has always been my personal philosophy to espouse and endorse the fact that while the world would benefit enormously from brilliant creative minds but what the world is in dire need of is compassionate, caring, good human beings, who care more about making a positive contribution to humanity, rather than seeking purely materialistic, personal advancement.

My vision therefore is to inculcate in the new generation a truly international perspective, an understanding and compassionate tolerance of divergent points of view and the development of independent critical thinking skills.

I am sure that with the commitment of our school management, the support of our parents, the self-belief of our students and teachers and the strong bond which we share with our well wishers we would be able to fulfill the aspirations of the society . On behalf of Management , I wish everyone a Very Prosperous & Rewarding session. May the Almighty shower his choicest blessings on DAV MPS family and all of us so that we can attain unparalleled heights of excellence in the future.

With best regards,


(Manuj Sharma)

(MA, M.Ed., PGDBM)

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